If your website isn’t responsive then be prepared for Google’s consequences!

If your website isn’t responsive then be prepared for Google’s consequences!

If your website isn’t responsive then be prepared for Google’s consequences!

At Number 8 Create we use responsive design as standard! Meaning each and every website we design will automatically adjust to fit what ever size screen it’s being viewed on. Up until now this was mainly for user experience, ease to view and navigate our clients sites and to ensure users don’t leave frustrated not to return! But now there is another reason…if your website isn’t mobile responsive then you will notice it dropping down Google’s mobile search rankings. Yes, Google has made a stand and if your website is dated and doesn’t automatically adjust for mobile viewing then a new website needs to be a priority!

It’s not news that we’re in love with our smartphones. If you use public transport you will notice that 90% of the train carriage or bus spends the entire journey on their smartphone surfing the web or on social media. Back in June 2013, Mobile Marketing quoted research from Deloitte showing that seven in 10 people in the UK owned a smartphone.  Then, in December 2013, Business Insider made the staggering claim that by the end of 2013 there would be two smartphones for every nine people on earth. And, depending on which study you look at, mobile searches are said to account for anything from 25 to 70 per cent of searches online!!

Conclusion? A lot of people are searching for stuff online from a mobile, and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

So why does that matter to Google? Well, like it or hate it, Google is the self-styled cyber police. And now the search engine giant has taken pity on mobile users worldwide who are stabbing at smartphones with their fat fingers, trying to search online. We’ve all been there, trying to look for something online and having to zoom in to use the menu, in the end we just give up! Not having a mobile responsive website could mean you’re losing out on valuable business leads and customers. So in theory Google are doing you a favour!

Google is specifically targeting websites where the text is ‘too small to read’ (causing humans to squint), the links are ‘too close together’ (our chubby human digits can’t tap them easily) and sites that are too wide for the screen. Because having to scroll horizontally is A Bad Thing.  And if you don’t whip your website into shape and make it mobile friendly? Google will shoot your mobile rankings down in flames.

The quickest way to check which pages of your site are mobile friendly is to use Google’s testing tool. Type in the URLs that you want to test (each page of your website can be entered separately), wait a few seconds and you’ll have your answer.

Ideally, you’ll get this message from Google;



And if your website isn’t so mobile-friendly? The happy green writing changes to red (in case you’ve not appreciated the seriousness of the situation) and your site is labelled ‘Not mobile-friendly’.

Currently most sites seem to be not making the mark because of text that is too small to read, links too close together and basically because it’s a desktop site being viewed on a mobile screen!

Get in touch with us to discuss the redesign of your website as a mobile responsive site which is smartphone friendly!

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